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From the blog

The Inner Light – Janmashtami 2023

The Inner Light is a tribute to the music of George Harrison and the spiritual philosophy of Hare Krishna, which was an integral part of Harrison’s life. The 7-piece is fronted by Matty Dread, himself 30 years a follower. On September 10th 2023, The Inner Light headlined the 50th Hare[…]

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deliBass – Downtempo Bloom

Downtempo Bloom lofi deliBass laid back funk

In September, Downtempo Bloom became the 6th release of a very productive 2023 for deliBass. This is how the sleeve writers saw it – “Ultra smooth, lofi beats featuring the keyboard virtuosity of North Carolina-native Solomon Fox and the funky downtempo grooves of Naarm/Melbourne AU producers deliBass.” The release came[…]

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Elvis World Mini Tour

Elvis World Mini Tour Shawn Klush Ben Thompson Victor Trevino Jr

Jon depped on 3 July 2023 dates of the UK leg of this tour with The Ambassadors, probably the world’s best known Elvis band and certainly the longest-established, having been formed in 1974, three years before Elvis’s death. The band have played with several musicians who played alongside Elvis, not[…]

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deliBass – Detuned Future

Detuned Future deliBass Mike Post 70s TV Theme

Detuned Future is deliBass’s attempt at evoking the 70s TV theme mastery of Mike Post. Channelling Larry Carlton is Bury’s own resident viking, Preben Raunbjerg, and providing the sumptuous keyboard arrangment, Toronto’s Jonny Tobin. There are some lovely moments in this tune, which represents something of a departure for the[…]

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deliBass – Chateau Aurora

Chateau Aurora deliBass

Chateau Aurora is a remix of an Ollie Perspex track, released under the name of Harbor-Lites x deliBass, hot on the heels of Daydreamers in May 2023. Again it features Solomon Fox, whose melodious synth work it is, sitting over a trademark deliBass rhythm track.

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deliBass – Daydreamers

Solomon Fox brings a rich and melodious keys performance to another lush deliBass instrumental. Daydreamers is the follow up to their recent Rays of Revelation Ep collaboration. This deliciously mellow marriage of bass and electric piano plunges deep into 70 Bpm chillhop and downtempo soundscapes. Released May 12th 2023.

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delibass – Rays Of Revelation

Rays Of Revelation

This was the first release to feature American keyboard player, Solomon Fox. The April 2023 sleeve notes describe the 4-track ep, Rays Of Revelation, as “Ultra smooth rnb+soul instrumentals featuring the keyboard virtuosity of North Carolina-native Solomon Fox and the funky downtempo grooves of Naarm/Melbourne AU producers deliBass.” Interesting composition,[…]

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Ben Thompson 2023 UK Tour

Ben Thompson 2023 Tour Elvis The Ultimate Experience

Ben Thompson is one of the world’s top Elvis impersonators and got a part, as such, in the latest Back To The Future film. He also won the Ultimate Elvis competition in 2018, which ushered him into the Elvis Presley hall of fame. To describe him as an impersonator is[…]

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deliBass : Letter From You

Letter From You featuring Jasmine Duxbury

Letter From You is deliBass’s second collaboration with Jasmine Duxbury, released in January 2023. A sultry vocal from Ms Duxbury tells the story of the lonely musings of a girl contemplating her relationship with an imaginary friend. This smooth and soulful musical journey, culminates in her eventual admission, “Never got[…]

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deliBass : Butterflies


This track, released in November 2022, is deliBass’s first track featuring brass. Most specifically, the main melodic instrument in Butterflies is sax, supplied by Hugo Lee. “Jazzy Half Time House” is what Umz calls it, and it is a lovely performance by Hugo, again set against the sweet keys sounds[…]

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