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The Inner Light – Janmashtami 2023

The Inner Light George Harrison Hare Krishna

The Inner Light is a tribute to the music of George Harrison and the spiritual philosophy of Hare Krishna, which was an integral part of Harrison’s life. The 7-piece is fronted by Matty Dread, himself 30 years a follower. On September 10th 2023, The Inner Light headlined the 50th Hare Krishna Festival, marking 50 years from when George Harrison bought Bhaktivedanta Manor for the followers of Hare Krishna. Every year, a festival is held here to mark the anniversary of its acquisition by Harrison. The 50th was a very special event.

The band played Harrison’s biggest hits, including My Sweet Lord, Here Comes The Sun, Something, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Isn’t It A Pity and Hear Me Lord, to the backdrop of video footage of Harrison in the early 70s, when he became actively involved with the Krishna movement.

Here is a short edit of the gig.

Jon Mellor on Bass