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From the blog

deliBass – Jundo ep

deliBass - Jundo ep

As my Facebook of October 21st 2020 read : “I’m really very proud of this, a beautiful piece of music. Of course, it helps to play alongside a couple of virtuoso musicians in Danae Greenfield (keys) and Preben Raunsbjerg (viking axe). But the real mastermind behind this was Umz Lau,[…]

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deliBass – Song For Ruth

Song For Ruth

The lyric for Song For Ruth is written about Jon’s Mum, who died December 28th 2019 and spoke to the musical legacy she left for her sons. This was another track released in a prolific period in September 2020. But in reality, deliBass had been working on the track, off[…]

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deliBass – Soul Beats Vol 1

Soul Beats Vol 1

Soul Beats Vol 1 – 5 track mix. The first volume of Soul Beats was released in September 2020, featuring Toronto-based keys virtuoso, Jonny Tobin. We were pretty excited about this one. It was Umz’s concept and we started, as usual, with drums, samples and bass. But I don’t think[…]

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deliBass – Moonflowers


Moonflowers was the first deliBass track to feature Jonny Tobin on keys. It’s a real lazy lilter with some beautifully mellow keyboards juxtaposed to a fat and laid back bass. Came out in the middle of a prolific period for deliBass, ironically, during Covid lockdown, August 2020.

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deliBass – Dimensional

112 Bpm Deep Space Disco Groove / Danae Greenfield on Keys / Alexander Nettelbeck on Solo / Preben Raunsbjerg on Guitar / Jon Mellor on Bass / Umz Lau on the MPCX / Produced and Mixed at Studio OOMZ / Mastered by Davide Carbone at samplify / Artwork by the_real_theory.[…]

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deliBass – Thought Control ep

deliBass Thought Control ep

This was a landmark release by deliBass. Cajolled into producing instrumental tracks by the first Melbourne lockdown, through lack of access to singers, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. This was thought by the duo to be their strongest release to date, at the time of its[…]

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deliBass – Into Our World

This is our Bond theme! The track was originally recorded and co-written with Mandy Meadows. But years later we have given it a whole new lease of life, adding a second vocal, sung by Ruva, and a second keyboard track, by Danae Greenfield. It’s a track with lots of space,[…]

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deliBass – Tough To Love ep

Tough To Love ep

New release on May 1st 2020, mid-Covid lockdown. A very strange time to be alive, but thanks to the powers of technology, a productive period for deliBass. The ep contains 3 tracks, Tough To Love, Is There Anybody Here and Cynic. 7 parts political ranting, 3 parts slush, thinly disguised[…]

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deliBass – Roll ’em

Roll 'em

Another new deliBass track for you. This one is a little on the muso side! … Really beautiful guitar and keys from Preben Raunsbjerg and Alexander Nettelbeck respectively, plus a touch of silk from Ruva Ngwenya on vocals. Thanks again, of course, to deliBass partner, Umz, for all his talent,[…]

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deliBass – Get Back Home

Get Back Home

Another track from the deliBass project, again featuring a great vocal from Ruva. This one was inspired by the time spent away from my family in 2018 – 2019 and an assist must go to Lulu (5) for the lyric. Get Back Home – released October 2019.

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Jon Mellor on Bass