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Bass Player in Melbourne

I moved to Melbourne in 2009, leaving behind 20 years of music contacts and a career which included two No. 1 singles in Japan, a feature film score and major record deals with two different bands. In between the highlights, I had been playing covers on the pub, cabaret and German military circuit with 4 great bands and had the pleasure of playing alongside some great musicians. Amongst them are long-term rhythm section buddy Clive Jenner, Rick Astley, Zara McFarlane and Son Pascal.

Since arriving in Australia, I have struggled to find the volume and quality of work I had hoped for. There have been highlights but not enough! I am a very solid bass player with a flair for melody. I have a good ear for backing vocals and have masses of experience both live and in the studio. Just as important, I am a great team player. I shed my ego years ago and all I want is to make a project sound better using everything I have learned over many years.

For me there is no greater thrill than playing music in a good band with good people. That is why I am just as passionate now about music as I was 25 years ago. If you think I might be able to make your project better, let me know.

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Jon Mellor on Bass