The Madness Method

Between 2009 and 2012, The Madness Method were foremost amongst a host of bands enjoying life on a thriving Melbourne ska scene. Fronted by the supremely talented Mandy Meadows, the band mixed pop, ska and rock in a brew they called Spock , offering a large tip of the hat to Gwen Stefani and No Doubt. The band recorded two CDs, Better Without You (2010) and Dirty Money (2011). Despite much TV, radio and music press exposure, in addition to a host of local gigs and regional and interstate tours, major success eluded TMM and Mandy called time on the project at the end of 2012, forming her new band The Honeytons, for whom Jon has also featured.

I have worked with Jon for 5 years as a highly driven & motivated bass player and band leader.  He is a top-notch session musician, always musically prepared and very technically apt.  He slots well socially into all groups I have worked with.  He has a great feel for many genres of music- together we have recorded and performed pop, jazz, ska, rock and R&B.  I would highly recommend Jon as a session musician.”
Mandy Meadows, singer with The Madness Method

Concrete Heart

You Were Right

If I Were To Write A Love Song

Jon Mellor on Bass