The Inner Light

Jon Mellor The Inner Light Funky Dad
The Inner Light is a tribute to the music of George Harrison and the spiritual philosophy of Hare Krishna, which was an integral part of Harrison’s life. The 7-piece is fronted by Matty Dread, himself 30 years a follower. In 2023, The Inner Light headlined the 50th Hare Krishna Festival, marking 50 years from when George Harrison bought Bhaktivedanta Manor for the followers of Hare Krishna.

The band play stirring renditions of Harrison’s biggest hits, including My Sweet Lord, Here Comes The Sun, Something, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, All Things Must Pass and Hear Me Lord, with reverence to the spiritual philosophy, which inspired them.

Here is a link to their headlining gig at Janmashtami 2023, played at the Hare Krishna temple at Bhaktivedanta Manor on the 50th anniversary of Harrison buying it.

Jon Mellor on Bass