In 1998, Jon started an 11-year collaboration with eccentric German composer Juergen Hueholdt. The project, which became known as Juniper, yielded over 100 original songs in the period to 2009. All were recorded in a purpose-built studio in the beautiful German countryside near Bochum. Jon worked as bass player, backing vocalist and arranger alongside producers Norman Dalheimer (Heavytones, Stefan Rabb’s band), Mark Kelser and Preben Raunsbjerg Nielsen (James Burton’s band). Musicians included Clive Jenner (Lenny Kravitz, Groove Armada, The Proclaimmers), Aino Laos, Tim Husung and Kevin Taylor (Ouch!).

To describe the music or pigeon-hole the project to a particular genre is virtually impossible. But the catalogue includes a bit of everything, with lyrics ranging from Greek mythology through spaceships, education philosophy to kids’ lullabies and there are some memorable performances by a host of accomplished musicians. As a testament to Juergen Hueholdt’s eccentricity, none of the material has ever been commercially released, although the sessions still continue to this day.

As a London guitar playing and producer I have had the pleasure of working with Jon Mellor on and off for more than a decade in various constellations and projects. First and foremost Jon is an excellent bass player with a superb knack for writing lyrical, melodic bass lines for original material. Think of him as a slightly over-exited funky McCartney without a plektrum who doesn’t fear venturing above the 7th fret. If you’re playing covers, Jon is not only a quick learner – but more importantly when the parts have entered his mind they stay there and will be delivered consistently at any time under any circumstance.

Jon is also an accomplished backing vocalists with a very good ear for hearing (and hitting!) even the most spurious notes in complex arrangements – live as well as in the studio (I should know – I’ve come up with quite a few deliberately weird ones!)

On a personal level Jon is just about the most trustworthy and overall nice guy you could ever wish to meet.
Jon Mellor on Bass