deliBass is a collaboration of Jon Mellor AKA Funky Dad and DJ Oomz. The pair began writing together in December 2013 and released their debut track the following year. “Magic And Diamonds” is a chillout tune given a touch of Bond by Mandy Meadows’s wonderful vocal. Oomz’s groove, Jon’s bass and keyboards by Alexander Nettleback all conspire to make this a track to savour. Further collaborations followed with Lucy Ewing of Lucy & The Diamonds, Leighton Hema aka Mr Leigh and the wonderful Ruvarashe Ngwenya AKA Ruva. PutItOnYa is one of the first deliBass tracks with Ruva on vocals and also features Alexander Nettleback on keyboards. The track was released in September 2017. Years after the release of “Magic And Diamonds”, the pair added Ruva’s voice in a remade version, re-titled Into Our World.

In 2019, the pair began a collaboration with Los Angeles keyboard player, Danae Greenfield, and she immediately put her mark on their output. This began a rich period of productivity for the duo, punctuated by Jon’s near-death experience in July 2019, about which was written the haunting “Fade Out”. They’d cheered up some for the next release, which was a more classic sound and perhaps deliBass’s most commercial release to date, Tough To Love ep, featuring Danae, Ruva and Danish guitarist, Preben Raunsbjerg. It comprised three great tracks, Tough To Love, Is There Anybody Here and Cynic.

Another favourite of Oomz and Dad was Vancouver based Jonny Tobin, with whom they collaborated on releases such as Soul Beats Volume 1 and Moonflowers.

Covid prevented the duo from working with singers in the studio, and, as a result, deliBass concentrated on instrumental music, including Jundo and Butterflies. The latter was the first time the duo had worked with Hugo Lee (sax).

Come 2022 and the release from the harsh Melbourne lockdown, Jasmine Duxbury was the featured vocalist on two tracks, Letter From You and Rainy Days. And the following year, the pair started a collaboration with US keyboardist Solomon Fox. Their first release together was Rays Of Revelation ep.

Jon Mellor on Bass